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Vilnius Old Town tour

Vilnius Old Town tour
Vilnius Old Town tour
Vilnius Old Town tour
Vilnius - the capital of Lithuania, situated on the bank of the Neris River, was founded in 1323 when Grand Duke Gediminas built a castle there. The splendid architectural blend of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles makes this wonderful city to explore.
The historical heart of Vilnius is located in the surroundings of the Cathedral Square: the Upper Castle on the hill, the Lower Castle and the reconstructed Royal Palace at its foot, the Old and New Arsenals, the Cathedral, monuments and Šventaragio Park around the Cathedral Square.
Between the Cathedral and the Bell Tower there is a “magic” quarry tile. In 1989, the so-called Baltic Road – a live chain of people – stretched from this point in Vilnius to Riga and Tallinn (595 km long) in an attempt to initiate the battle for independence. Your secret dreams will come true if you stand on the tile, make a wish, and turn around.
A symbol of Vilnius – rising high above the Old Town – is the tower of the Castle of Grand Duke Gediminas, the founder of Vilnius (also known as Gediminas Hill or Gediminas Castle, which dates back to the 14th century). A picturesque panorama of Vilnius opens up from the top of the Gediminas Tower.
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