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Liepaja sightseeing tour

Liepaja sightseeing tour
Liepaja sightseeing tour
Liepaja sightseeing tour
Liepaja is the third largest city in Latvia, a city of successful changes as the people living here on the stretch of sand between the amber sea and the lake for more than 750 years have always been tough, wise and daring.
The route of the guided tour includes excursions to many places of cultural and historical importance to Liepaja's inhabitants, such as:
Roses square. It is definitely the heart of Liepaja.
Cathedral of holy Trinity. It was built in 1758. Its special value is the organ which is the largest mechanical organ in the world.
The Promenade. At night the Promenade is illuminated with colorful lights giving special feeling to a late walk. The amber clock symbolically counts the minutes spent at the Promenade.
House of Peter I. The Russian tsar stayed exactly at this hotel when visiting Liepaja in 1697. House of craftsmen. In 1700 the Swedish king Carl XII stayed at this building.
The route also includes visits to: St. Anna's church, "Black ball", Kurmajas prospect, St.Joseph's Cathedral, Liepaja holy Trinity Orthodox Parish church, monument dedicated to the sailors and fishermen perished in the sea and etc.
In the second part of excursion you will visit Naval Port. It is a northern neighborhood which occupies one third of Liepaja city. It is a spectacular, paradoxical and unique site not only in Latvia, but also in the world’s history and architecture. Its environment reflects interaction of tsarist Russia military elegance and soviet militarism. Naval Port today is a special neighborhood. It is not anymore a closed area of a military base but a tourism site with inspiring environment for creative people as well. Also you will visit Naval Port prison and have a tour of North fort catacombs in torchlight.
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