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Kernave sightseeing tour

During this tour you will discover a small town Kernave, which is one of the oldest centres of Lithuania. The town is situated on the northern bank of the Neris River. The Pajautos Valley and hill forts on its edge, glorified in legends, protect the remains of Kernave – the ancient capital of Lithuania and the last pagan state in Europe. Kernave is famous for its five adjoining hill forts, each carrying a name. Together with a segment of the Neris River, these hill forts form the Kernave Archaeological Site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town hosts the Archaeology and History Museum.
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Events in Kernave:
  • 23 June, 20:00–5:00, Dew Feast (St. John’s Day)
    Midsummer’s Day is a traditional calendar holiday beginning on the shortest night. In the evening, people gather herbs, and make wreathes; they sing songs about nature, honour the setting sun, light bonfires, float flower wreaths on the River Neris, salute the rising sun, and wash themselves in the morning dew which they believe holds magical powers.
  • The beginning of July, Days of Live Archaeology
    This is a magnificent festival with spectacular knight duels, old craft demonstrations, samples of medieval dishes, and various medieval games and competitions.
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