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Estonia restaurants

Tallinn restaurants   Tallinn restaurants
Finding an interesting, affordable place to eat in Tallinn is easy, especially given the culinary boom the city has seen in the last few years. The city's restaurants cover the whole spectrum from traditional Estonian food to cutting-edge fusion.
Recommended Tallinn restaurants
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Saaremaa restaurants   Saaremaa restaurants
In Saaremaa you can find a homemade beer, smoked fish, bread, sausage, cheese and other local foodstuffs made more along the old traditions than elsewhere in Estonia. That makes it almost compulsory for gourmands to visit Saaremaa.
Recommended Saaremaa restaurants
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Other Estonia restaurants   Other Estonia restaurants: Parnu
In other parts of Estonia, there are interesting and singular eating places. It takes a separate trip of some length to visit them, but the trips are definitely worthwhile.
Recommended other Estonia cities restaurants
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